Bee Active23-10-2020 | 16:59:16 | Comments Off on Bee Active

In Bee Active this week we were working on activities to develop our reaction times.

We had to clap our hands before we caught the bean bag.

We had to catch a bean bag on our bat.

Black History Month23-10-2020 | 16:49:31 | Comments Off on Black History Month

October is the month of the year when we especially remember black people who have made a significant contribution to society throughout the years. In Year 2 we have been focusing in particular on the life of Rosa Parks who became well-known for her protest against segregation and unfair treatment of black people in America during the 1950s.

Music16-10-2020 | 17:15:25 | Comments Off on Music

This afternoon the children have enjoyed learning how to listen to and repeat different rhythms using the instruments.

Bee Active16-10-2020 | 17:08:47 | Comments Off on Bee Active

In Bee Active this week we practised our throwing and catching skills and we tried to speed up our reaction times to catch the ball when moving. Afterwards, we used lacrosse sticks to practise aiming and catching a bean bag.

Bee Active09-10-2020 | 17:09:31 | Comments Off on Bee Active

We have practising putting the skills we have been learning over the last few weeks into a team game.

Marvellous Maths09-10-2020 | 17:02:32 | Comments Off on Marvellous Maths

This week Year 2 have been working with 2 digit numbers to find one more or one less than a given number.

We have been playing games to help us learn.

In one game we had to use a 0 to 9 die to create a 2 digit number, then we found one less or one more than this number.

We also played a matching pairs game. We had to turn over two cards and if they were one more or one less than each other we could keep the pair. The person with the most pairs was the winner.

Visiting author!02-10-2020 | 17:35:22 | Comments Off on Visiting author!

In Year 2 today we had a visit from Mr Wroe who shared the story he has recently written entitled ‘The Little Yellow Digger that Saved Christmas’.

We all really enjoyed the story. Mr Wroe has had his story published and all profits from his book will be used to support vulnerable children.

English – Coordinating conjunctions02-10-2020 | 17:30:10 | Comments Off on English – Coordinating conjunctions

In English this week we have been learning how to use coordinating conjunctions to join two clauses in a sentence. We joined clauses from our class text ‘The Storm Whale’.

Fabulous Phonics02-10-2020 | 17:26:54 | Comments Off on Fabulous Phonics

In Year 2 we are busily learning and practising our phonics. In the morning when we arrive we practise our phonics using lots of different activities.

Bee Active18-09-2020 | 20:27:17 | Comments Off on Bee Active

In our Bee Active lesson this week we were practising our throwing and catching skills. At first we practised throwing our beanbags into the air and catching with both hands. Then Corey gave us challenges such as catching with one hand and then throwing, clapping our hands and then catching. Afterwards we played a target game. We had to work in pairs and try to strike our partners marker cones to win them for ourselves. We had lots of fun and the lovely sunny day made it even more enjoyable!

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