Poetry Performance25-11-2019 | 11:33:00 | Comments Off on Poetry Performance

This morning we read poems from our class text, The First Book Of The Sea. We discussed what we liked about the poems we chose and performed them to each other. What do you think?

Geography Map Work20-11-2019 | 14:29:31 | Comments Off on Geography Map Work

As part of our whole school focus week on India we have been using maps to answer questions. We found out about which continent India is part of and which countries border India. We also found out about the names of rivers, hills and mountain ranges in India.

Practical Maths20-11-2019 | 14:03:06 | Comments Off on Practical Maths

Today we have been learning how to add two 2 digit numbers which includes crossing a ten.

Science : Sorting and classifying animals #Werrington Stem19-11-2019 | 17:45:34 | Comments Off on Science : Sorting and classifying animals #Werrington Stem

In our science lesson today we have been finding out about the different ways in which living things may reproduce. We found out that some living things have babies which are born as live young which look like their parent, some hatch out of eggs and look like their parent and some hatch out of eggs but do not look like their parent. We sorted the living things into groups.

Our challenge activity was to create a glossary of terms we have been using to discuss living things and their babies. We had to correctly match the key words and their meaning.

Anti-Bullying Week15-11-2019 | 14:29:33 | Comments Off on Anti-Bullying Week

This week we have been finding out about what bullying might look like and trying to think of ways in which we can help to stop it. We made posters to create a book about bullying and the positive steps we can take to make sure that bullying does not happen to us or our friends.

Anti-bullying Week15-11-2019 | 13:55:50 | Comments Off on Anti-bullying Week

In PSHE we looked at what bullying is and what we should do if we feel we are being bullied. We made our own pop-up book to display in our classroom to remind us to show kindness to each other.

Year 2 Children in Need 15-11-2019 | 09:19:28 | Comments Off on Year 2 Children in Need 

What a fun start to the morning as we support Children in Need! Thank you for your support.

The Whale Song13-11-2019 | 07:56:10 | Comments Off on The Whale Song

What fantastic characterization in Year 2! We got into the role of the characters from our story, The Whale Song. It was fantastic to see a gentle Grandmother, a grumpy Uncle Frederick and an adventurous Lilly.

Colour Mixing08-11-2019 | 15:44:39 | Comments Off on Colour Mixing

Today Year 2 have been learning about primary and secondary colours. We mixed our own secondary colours using primary colour paints.

Fact files08-11-2019 | 15:40:14 | Comments Off on Fact files

This week we have read ‘The Whales’ Song’ by Dyan Sheldon. We found out about humpback whales and we wrote our own fact files.

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