Mega Mile20-05-2019 | 16:13:49 | Comments Off on Mega Mile

Today we went out to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine as we completed our Mega Mile challenge.

Writing Instructions03-05-2019 | 16:32:54 | Comments Off on Writing Instructions

Today we wrote our own instructions for making bread. Isaac was our Star Writer today!

Marvellous Music!03-05-2019 | 16:28:44 | Comments Off on Marvellous Music!

Today in our music lesson we began to learn how to read a musical score. We had to read which note to play and follow the time and beat of the music.

Bread making01-05-2019 | 16:40:31 | Comments Off on Bread making

This week in our English lessons we have been learning about instructions and today as part of our cross curricular learning in Food Technology we have been following instructions for baking bread. It was lots of fun and the bread smelled delicious whilst it was baking!


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