Forest School in 2HG29-03-2019 | 12:19:38 | Comments Off on Forest School in 2HG

Well done to 2HG, who this week developed their den building skills further by using rope-work to strengthen their designs. They worked hard to ensure their dens would provide shelter from the elements and we even got time to try to make some sparks with our flint strikers. Mrs Gerrard also learned to light a fire for the first time too!

Computing : Creating Pictures26-03-2019 | 16:44:29 | Comments Off on Computing : Creating Pictures

This week we have been learning about Impressionist art. In our computing lesson we used a 2Paint program to help us to experiment how to create our own pictures of the Great Fire of London.

A Visit from Mr Tattum the Firefighter22-03-2019 | 14:47:39 | Comments Off on A Visit from Mr Tattum the Firefighter

On Wednesday we had a visit an exciting visit from Mr Tattum the firefighter. He told us all about the equipment he has to use as a firefighter and why it is needed. We were really interested to find out about the technology which firefighters use today to keep them as safe as possible when they are out on a shout.

Mr Tattum also showed us many items which were used in the past to fight fires. We looked at some of the equipment that was used in the past and compared it to the modern day equipment. We also helped to make a timeline of helmets from 1900 to the present day. The uniform in the photo was used in 1900; the jacket was made from wool and the helmet was made from brass which would not protect the firefighter as effectively as today. Mrs Wright was dressed up as a modern day firefighter.

Year 2 RE : How do people pray?22-03-2019 | 13:38:53 | Comments Off on Year 2 RE : How do people pray?

In year 2 this week we have been finding out how people pray and why they perform certain actions or prepare to pray in different ways. In particular, we have been looking at the practices of Christians and Muslims.

Why is ‘Y’ important?11-03-2019 | 15:12:15 | Comments Off on Why is ‘Y’ important?

Today, 2HG learned how useful the letter ‘Y’ can be when creating a den. They worked hard in groups to create a freestanding den (involving no ropes) and we even found time to appreciate the seasonal changes as we took a walk around the school grounds. 

Dens and Knots 2LW04-03-2019 | 15:40:45 | Comments Off on Dens and Knots 2LW

Today, 2LW battled through showers and sunshine to design and create dens for their toy animal. They worked hard in their teams and thought about creating a shelter that would protect their animals from the weather and predators. We also learned the overhand and stopper knots to help us in future builds. Well done Year 2! 

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