Dens and Knots25-02-2019 | 16:52:01 | Comments Off on Dens and Knots

This afternoon, 2HG made the most of the February sunshine by constructing their own natural dens for a toy animal. They worked in teams to create a shelter that would protect their animal from the weather and offer protection from predators too. They also learned how to tie and overhand and a stopper knot to help them in future builds.

Village Survey04-02-2019 | 15:19:12 | Comments Off on Village Survey

Today in Forest Schools, 2HG considered their local environment  by conducting a survey of the village. They represented the school beautifully as they walked through the village making notes about the physical and human features. We then thought about the types of jobs people do in Werrington and what improvements could be made to our village. We also had some fun at the park! 


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