Stick Challenge28-01-2019 | 15:13:15 | Comments Off on Stick Challenge

This afternoon Year 2 braved the cold winter sun to take part in the ‘Stick Tower Challenge’. Working in teams they collected their own sticks and then tried to build the tallest free-standing tower they could in the time allowed. All the children showed good teamwork and thought carefully about how to make their towers stronger. A super afternoon’s work Year 2, well done!

Forest School Caring for our Environment14-01-2019 | 20:22:40 | Comments Off on Forest School Caring for our Environment

Today, Year 2 thought about the impact that humans have on the environment and how we can help to improve our local area. We revisited the trees that the children helped to plant two years ago and checked they were healthy. After clearing away weeds to allow them room to grow, we began leaf mulching at the base so as to help protect them from the colder weather. They all worked really hard and helped to improve their local area. Well done Year 2!

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