Year 2 Chicks15-06-2018 | 11:42:27 | Comments Off on Year 2 Chicks

This morning the children had a visit from Alec (Mrs Wright’s son). He came into school to talk to the children about the eggs he has brought in and what will happen once the chicks hatch out. We will keep you posted on their progress.

Year 2 Expeditions15-06-2018 | 11:40:22 | Comments Off on Year 2 Expeditions

This week Year 2 had to decide on the destination for their own expedition and work out which shop they would buy the equipment they needed from for their trip. The children had to calculate the costs from three shops to work out which one would be the cheapest. Sometimes they went over their £1 budget and had to prioritise which items they needed to remove from their list. There was lots of reasoning involved.


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