Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!31-03-2017 | 16:47:01 | Comments Off on Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

This week we have been learning about what happens to our rubbish. We learnt that lots of rubbish goes to landfill sites which are often smelly, ugly and damage our planet. We learnt all about REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. We collected lots of household  rubbish.


Next we sorted it to see what could be reused or recycled. We also thought about which items could be used over and over again.



Some items could be reused and others were sorted into groups for recycling.

By the time we had finished there was very little left from our enormous pile of rubbish that would need to go to landfill. We learnt that many items will take many years to rot away and some will still be there in hundreds of years to come.

Our visit to Selly Manor27-03-2017 | 16:43:28 | Comments Off on Our visit to Selly Manor

Today we visited Selly Manor in Birmingham. Selly Manor is a Tudor mansion. We leant all about what life was like in Tudor times. We found out about the way in which houses were built at that time and why these houses burnt down so easily during the Great Fire of London. We also acted out the story of the Great Fire of London.



We looked at how the timber frames were put together and how wattle and daub was made.




We were shown an oven used to bake bread and pies just like Thomas Farrinor would have used. Isla is holding the ‘peel’ which the baker would use to put the bread into the oven.


We also found out how people would have cooked their meals and what people would have used to eat their meals with if they were rich, quite wealthy or poor.


We went upstairs to find out what the bedrooms were like. The bedrooms had a roof and curtains! The roof stopped insects, dust and other things falling down on people when they were sleeping and the curtains helped to keep them warm. Servants would have had a truckle bed like the ones in the photos below.


We even had time to dress up as people from 1666 and learn how to greet each other. Here we are greeting King Charles II (it was Harry really!)

We also had time to play some popular games from the time.




We had a brilliant day finding out a lot about what life would have been like in 1666.


We definitely prefer modern toilets though!



Super Science17-03-2017 | 08:24:25 | Comments Off on Super Science

This week we have been looking at the properties of paper and how to make it stronger. We designed a bridge to hold a toy car.

Take a look at some of our results…

Creative Collages10-03-2017 | 16:58:38 | Comments Off on Creative Collages

This week we have been creating collages of the Great fire of London. We used patterns of purple and blue to create the sky and looped paper sculpture to create the flickering flames.


Baptism10-03-2017 | 16:52:50 | Comments Off on Baptism

Today we visited  St. Phillips Church to learn about Baptism.

We took along our Mum(Grace) and Dad (Reuben), with baby “Tom”.

Baby “Tom” was Baptised in the font to welcome him into the church, witnessed by his doting God parents.

We got to ask questions about why Baptism was important to Christians.

We found out that you can be Baptised at any age, even when you’re really old!

Afterwards we found out about the Church building and all sang “Our God is a great big God” together (Mrs Wright was really good at the actions!).


Year 2 History- Morfo03-03-2017 | 17:24:03 | Comments Off on Year 2 History- Morfo

This week  in History we have been researching famous local figures Sir Stanley Matthews and Reginald Mitchell, and what they did that made them famous.

We then recorded our findings using Morfo.

Three Little Pigs.03-03-2017 | 16:54:06 | Comments Off on Three Little Pigs.

This week we have been learning about traditional tales, we read the story of the 3 little pigs and then acted out the story.

We had some fantastic performances, some of us are destined for the stage!

World Book Day Year 2.03-03-2017 | 16:48:16 | Comments Off on World Book Day Year 2.

We have had great fun for world book day!  We have investigated each others book boxes and matched the teacher to their favourite book.

Do you know what each of these stories are?

Of course we all came in  dressed up as our favourite character.

Can you guess who we all are?

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