Year 2’s got talent!16-02-2017 | 17:59:57 | Comments Off on Year 2’s got talent!

Today Britain’s got talent has landed in Year 2! We have been rehearsing for weeks!

IMG_0745[1] IMG_0730[1] IMG_0739[1] IMG_0748[1] IMG_0734[1] IMG_0720[1] BGT

We even had our own judges (but they were more positive than Simon Cowell!!)…

IMG_0757[1] IMG_0749[1] IMG_0744[1] IMG_0740[1]

… and our own audio and visual editors.

IMG_0750[1] IMG_0751[1]

We all voted for our favourite performance and in the end the winners were …

IMG_0758[1]The Girly Group




E- Safety: Are you trustworthy?16-02-2017 | 17:30:52 | Comments Off on E- Safety: Are you trustworthy?

Last week we were learning about being safe on the internet, including what makes a person trustworthy both in real life and on the web. We discussed how you should never give out your private information to someone that you do not trust.

Can you remember some of the things that make a person trustworthy?

Magical mathematician!13-02-2017 | 16:56:34 | Comments Off on Magical mathematician!

Marshall was a maths whizz this week for the way in which he used his knowledge of sharing to solve division problems using pictorial strategies. Well done Marshall!


Writer of the week!13-02-2017 | 16:53:02 | Comments Off on Writer of the week!

Harry was our writer of the week for his super set of instructions for making toast. Harry sequenced all of the steps in order, used some time conjunctions, interesting imperative (‘bossy’) verbs and he challenged himself to add one or two adverbs. Great Harry!


Investigating worship13-02-2017 | 16:49:21 | Comments Off on Investigating worship

In last week’s R.E lesson we were finding out about the way in which Muslims worship. We found out that they can worship in different places as long as they are clean and they prepare themselves properly for prayer. We found out that when Muslims pray away from the Mosque they use a prayer mat. Our mat had a compass attached to it to point in the direction of Mecca. We also looked at prayer beads and discussed reasons why some Muslims may use these to help them pray.

SAM_2445 SAM_2447 SAM_2448


Sporting Superstars!13-02-2017 | 16:41:57 | Comments Off on Sporting Superstars!

In our P.E lessons last week we were creating pathways using curved and stretched shapes which we had been practising in our floorwork lesson previously.

SAM_2421        SAM_2432

SAM_2433        SAM_2423



Instructions, instructions!13-02-2017 | 16:32:37 | Comments Off on Instructions, instructions!

Last week Year 2 were learning how to use command sentences to write instructions. First we had to decide how we were going to sequence events.

SAM_2398               SAM_2410

Next we found out how to make jelly and toast. We used our knowledge of watching these being made to help us decide which instructions to write. We needed to decide which time conjunctions and imperative (‘bossy’) verbs to use in each instruction. We challenged ourselves to see if we could think of an adverb to add to each instructions as well!


Writer of the week03-02-2017 | 17:13:27 | Comments Off on Writer of the week

Charlie is our writer of the week for his great research about Fire Fighting and Fire Safety. He found out key facts and recorded his ideas using sub-headings and bullet points. Well done Charlie!


Super science03-02-2017 | 17:10:38 | Comments Off on Super science

This week we have been investigating which materials will be the best to make a waterproof coat for a firefighter. We formed our own prediction and tested the materials using a fair test. We wrote a conclusion based on our results and decided which of the waterproof materials would be the most suitable to make a firefighter’s coat. We decided that although tinfoil was waterproof, it might not make the best coat for a firefighter!

SAM_2367       SAM_2371

Tree Planting03-02-2017 | 16:56:15 | Comments Off on Tree Planting

Today Year 2 helped to plant a variety of trees on our school playing field. One day we hope we will have our own school forest to give us opportunities for learning about plants and the environment whilst at the same time giving us shade in the summer months. The ground was difficult to dig but fortunately we had our Year 6 buddies to help us. First we had to dig a fairly deep hole and then put in some compost and bone meal to help the young trees grow. We then filled in the hole around the sapling and gathered lots of leaves to make mulch to lay around the tree. We all got rather muddy but we successfully managed to plant all of our trees.

. SAM_2335      SAM_2338    SAM_2339

SAM_2358      SAM_2359

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