Stupendous Space!20-01-2017 | 15:06:38 | 1 Comment

 This week Mr Linblad has been in to show us moon rocks and meteorites that are over 4 billion years old! We were able to hold them  and find out about how they were formed and where they came from.

SAM_2289 SAM_2290 SAM_2291PTDC0024

Mr Linblad also taught us lots of other facts about space including  how far away the moon is from the Earth, and did you know that it would take an astronaut a whole year in a space shuttle to get to Mars?


One Response to “Stupendous Space!”

  1. I really enjoyed teaching year 2. They showed me their super scientific knowledge about changes in material when they told me that the hot sand next to the meteorites had turned into glass. Can’t wait to next time.
    Mr Lindblad

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