Writer of the Week27-01-2017 | 17:51:37 | Comments Off on Writer of the Week

This weeks writer of the week is Sam T. Sam  wrote an extremely exciting diary entry from the point of view of a person trapped on the banks of the river Thames, trying to escape from the Great Fire of London. He worked very hard on his handwriting, and included a range of adverbs and adjectives to add detail to his descriptions.


Well done Sam!

Magnificent Maths27-01-2017 | 17:45:48 | 1 Comment

This week in maths we have been investigating odd and even numbers.

We have been finding out what makes a number odd or even, and what happens when you add 2 odd numbers, or an odd and even number together. Do you know?

PTDC0037 PTDC0038 PTDC0039

Writer of the week.20-01-2017 | 15:13:36 | Comments Off on Writer of the week.

This weeks writer of the week is Marshall. Marshall has been working extremely hard on his joined up cursive writing and is now using it independently in all of his work.


In this piece of work Marshall has described the materials used to make a modern and Tudor house, explained their properties and why they were used. Well Done Marshall!

Stupendous Space!20-01-2017 | 15:06:38 | 1 Comment

 This week Mr Linblad has been in to show us moon rocks and meteorites that are over 4 billion years old! We were able to hold them  and find out about how they were formed and where they came from.

SAM_2289 SAM_2290 SAM_2291PTDC0024

Mr Linblad also taught us lots of other facts about space including  how far away the moon is from the Earth, and did you know that it would take an astronaut a whole year in a space shuttle to get to Mars?


We are training to be journalists09-01-2017 | 15:51:36 | Comments Off on We are training to be journalists

Today Year 2 were training to be journalists by looking at different newspaper reports to find out what makes a good article. Later in the week we are going to go back in time to look for evidence about The Great Fire of London. We are going to gather our evidence together to create a newspaper report about the fire. Watch this space!

SAM_2261       SAM_2258

Magical Maths06-01-2017 | 16:48:49 | Comments Off on Magical Maths

This week we have been investigating how we can create different amounts of money using different combinations of coins. It was tricky at times but we were up for a challenge!

SAM_2234       SAM_2241

PTDC0017       PTDC0019

Writer of the Week06-01-2017 | 16:41:30 | Comments Off on Writer of the Week

Maizey is our writer of the week for creating a super chronological report about Christmas day. She remembered to use time conjunctions and lots of adjectives and adverbs to make her sentences more interesting. Well done Maizey!


We want to be in a band!06-01-2017 | 16:38:52 | Comments Off on We want to be in a band!

This week in our music lesson with Mrs Bennett we have been learning how to feel the pulse in a piece of music. We have also been learning how to beat in time to rock genre music! It was great fun!

SAM_2246        SAM_2252

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