Magic Mathematician of the week25-11-2016 | 16:41:58 | Comments Off on Magic Mathematician of the week

Well done Danielle for fantastic problem solving. Can you solve this problem like Danielle?

Problem: Get a 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 20p coin.Place them in a row using these clues to help you.

The first 3 coins in the row must total 27p. The last 3 coins must total 31p.

The last coin must be double the value of the first coin.

Can you put them in the correct order?


Congratulations to children who achieved their Bronze dojo!25-11-2016 | 16:35:10 | Comments Off on Congratulations to children who achieved their Bronze dojo!

This week six children have been awarded their Bronze dojo award. Congratulations to Danielle, Daniel, Eden, Isaac, Megan and Maizey!

Times Tables champs!18-11-2016 | 17:43:35 | Comments Off on Times Tables champs!

Last half term we took part in the Staffordshire Moorlands Schools Cluster Times Tables challenge. All the children in Year 2 in these schools took part in the challenge and we were so excited to find out that two children in Year 2 at Werrington had received an award. Congratulations to Daniel for his Bronze award and to Maizey for her Silver award. What an achievement!


A British Heroine!11-11-2016 | 17:48:03 | Comments Off on A British Heroine!

This week we have been learning about a real life British heroine called Grace Darling and her daring sea rescue off the Farne Islands. We heard her story and imagined what it must have been like for Grace. We dressed up in clothes similar to Grace and found out how inappropriate her clothing was for her mission. We compared her clothes to those which the RNLI wear today to rescue people in trouble at sea around the British coast. We found out that Grace did not have waterproof clothing or a life jacket and so she was extremely brave in helping to save the lives of nine people in a terrible storm.



Year 2’s Art Exhibition11-11-2016 | 17:43:02 | Comments Off on Year 2’s Art Exhibition

Last week we posted news about the art exhibit based on the theme of ‘Together we succeed’. On Tuesday this week our exhibit went on show to parents. If you did not have chance to see it then we have a photograph here to show you the finished result. We are very pleased with our achievement because we all worked together.





2LW’s Writer of the week!11-11-2016 | 17:39:08 | 2 Comments

This week Oliver has been chosen as writer of the week for his playscript about ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’.


Oliver was chosen because he achieved his objective of including three different types of sentences in his playscript. He used statements, questions and exclamations and he remembered how to punctuate them all correctly. All this and fantastic presentation too! Well done Oliver!

Year 2’s Seascape Art Exhibition07-11-2016 | 16:48:15 | Comments Off on Year 2’s Seascape Art Exhibition

Over the last week we have been working on a joint project to create a seascape as part of our work linked to the coast of different islands.  We started by looking very carefully at real shells and photographs of different sea creatures which we wanted to include in our finished exhibit.


Then we moulded the basic shape of our chosen shell or sea creature using clay. After we had shaped our model we added detail using clay tools.

SAM_2075 SAM_2061 SAM_2090


In our next lesson we are going to paint our shells and sea creatures to complete our project in time for the Art Exhibition on Tuesday. If you can’t make our Art Exhibition watch this space to see what our finished exhibit looks like!

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