Hands on science – super senses!24-10-2016 | 15:01:57 | Comments Off on Hands on science – super senses!

Over the last two weeks Year 2 have been finding out about how our senses our necessary for us to find out about the world around us. We conducted a variety of experiments which helped us to understand just how important our senses are!

We found out about our visual perception and why two eyes are better than one with these two experiments.


We investigated how our senses of smell and taste work together not only to help us enjoy our food but also to keep us safe. It was hard to tell the apple and potato apart when we held our noses whilst tasting!

We also found out how a moist mouth with saliva helps us to taste things even better when we experimented with eating dry biscuits with first a dry and then a wet mouth.



We found out about which parts of our body are most sensitive to touch and why this may be. We found out that our fingertips and cheeks are the most sensitive and our back is one of the least sensitive. We also felt different objects in a feely bag, first with a sock on our hand and then without the sock to see just how much our fingertips help us to recognise what objects are. It was so much easier without the sock!


We looked at a variety of photos of different situations and thought about which senses could help us find out and keep safe in these situations.


Writer of the week!24-10-2016 | 14:26:19 | Comments Off on Writer of the week!



Isla wrote some tremendous rhyming poems this week based on ideas from the rhyming poems of this term’s featured author Julia Donaldson. Isla recognised the patterns in Donaldson’s poems and had a go at writing her own versions. Well done Isla!

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