3D shape investigation28-06-2016 | 11:18:44 | 2 Comments

My maths group have been working hard to learn the names and properties of 3D shapes.


Today we learned about 3D shape nets and we predicted what 3D shapes they would make.

PTDC0566 PTDC0567 PTDC0568

Some children used their imaginations to make 3D shape pictures. They labelled the shapes that they used for their pictures.

PTDC0569 PTDC0570 PTDC0571

Well done children!  

Bronze Dojo Stars in 2MC!27-06-2016 | 12:17:50 | 4 Comments

Today we had our first Bronze Dojo stars!

Well done to

Lily, Leyton and Emma!


Lets Dance! Sports week in Year 227-06-2016 | 06:58:41 | 3 Comments

Last week was Sports Week at Werrington Primary.

The children took part in a range of different activities throughout the week and on Thursday we were treated to a dance session!

IMG_0114[1] IMG_0109[1] IMG_0130[1]

All of the children tried their best and really enjoyed the morning. Well done Year 2 and thanks to Miss Stokes for organising it for us!


Writer of the Week24-06-2016 | 12:41:44 | 4 Comments

Well done to Erin who is the writer of the week this week!

She wrote a fantastic plan for a story that she will be writing in English next week!


2MC writer of the week17-06-2016 | 19:58:22 | 2 Comments

The writer of the week this week is…




He he came up with some fantastic descriptions of the weather for his group to use in their weather poetry this week and he tried his best to keep his presentation neat! Well done Harrison!

2MC Writer of the Week10-06-2016 | 10:05:51 | 2 Comments

We have 2 superstar writers this week!

Aidan and Noah have both written fantastic letters to Katie Morag to ask her questions about the Isle of Struay.


They both worked exceptionally well to include their writing targets in their work. Well done boys! Keep it up!

Algorithms in Year 2!07-06-2016 | 14:29:40 | 1 Comment

 In Computing this term we are learning about how to use simple algorithms.

Can you wow the grown ups and tell them what an algorithm is in the comments below?

PTDC0460  PTDC0464

Today we learned how to give directions by using a simple algorithm for compass points.

Can you remember what the compass points are?


We had to guide Katie Morag to find all of the letters that had blown across the island.

Can you find anything around the house that might use an algorithm?

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