2PB Writers of the Week…27-05-2016 | 12:30:47 | Comments Off on 2PB Writers of the Week…

The Writers of the week this week are …

Alicia and Danny!


Danny has written a wonderful Play script including stage directions and some very interesting dialogue! Well done!


Alicia wrote a fantastic re-tell of The Little Red Hen, using lots of amazing adjectives and inverted commas for speech! Keep up the good work!

Writer of the week 2MC (last week and this week)26-05-2016 | 14:50:23 | Comments Off on Writer of the week 2MC (last week and this week)

Amongst all of the excitement for finishing our SATS tests I forgot to post our writer of the week last week!

The writer of the week for last week was…

Alex Tearall


He wrote a very persuasive letter to Mr McLauchlan to ask if we could have a pizza party. 

The writer of the week for this week is…

Harry Pegg


He wrote some fantastic comandments for the classroom in RE today and has been practicing his cursive handwriting. Keep it up Harry!


Pizza Party24-05-2016 | 14:46:54 | 4 Comments

Today we had a pizza party to celebrate the end of our SATS!

First we wrote a letter to Mr McLauchlan to persuade him to let us have the party. Then we learned about how to make a healthy pizza by using a pita bread for the base instead of having a thick base made out of bread. We talked about nutrition and we reminded ourselves about what makes a healthy balanced diet.


Today we made our pizzas!


Finally we got to eat them!

IMG_0083[1] IMG_0084[1] PTDC0440


Well done to all of Year 2 for showing great perseverance and determination during this year’s SATS! Dare I say some of you even enjoyed the challenge?!

2PB Writer of the Week13-05-2016 | 11:40:47 | 2 Comments

The Writer of the Week is ….



Anna wrote a fantastic adventure story including exclamation sentences, questions and lots of adventurous adjectives! Well done Anna!

2MC Writer of the Week!13-05-2016 | 11:22:00 | 2 Comments

The writer of the week for this week is…


PTDC0312 PTDC0313

He used some cracking conjunctions and fantastic expanded noun phrases in his postcard. Well done!

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