2MC Writer of the week29-04-2016 | 11:16:35 | 2 Comments

Our writer of the week this week is


 We have been comparing Stoke-on-Trent to cities on other islands as part of our islands topic and Liam wrote a fantastic comparision between Stoke on Trent and a city in Greenland.


Well done for making a fantastic start at Werrington Liam!

Science with Mr Lindblad27-04-2016 | 16:17:27 | 6 Comments

Year 2 had a science lesson with Mr Lindblad this afternoon!

He taught us about the caterpillar life cycle.

DSCF7888 DSCF7890 DSCF7892 DSCF7893

We sequenced the caterpillar life cycle in our books and we painted symmetrical butterflies to go on display in our classroom.

Challenge- What do caterpillars turn into before they become butterflies?



2PB Writer of the week this week is…22-04-2016 | 11:49:18 | 2 Comments



Talulah used her best handwriting to write a fascinating non- chronological report about leopards, including a range of conjunctions and even an adverb.

Well Done Talulah!

2MC Writer of the Week22-04-2016 | 11:40:47 | 7 Comments

The writer of the week this week is



Kieran wrote a fascinating report about Minecraft. He included plenty of detail and worked hard to keep his presentation neat.

Well done Kieran!

Challenge- Can you remember what to include in a non-chronological report?

Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth!21-04-2016 | 16:05:07 | 7 Comments

Year 2 would like to wish Queen Elizabeth II a happy 90th birthday!

Today we celebrated by wearing red white and blue clothes. In class we researched interesting facts about the Queen and we designed our own stamps.

Queens birthday picture 2PB

queens 90th class photo


PTDC0371 PTDC0372Stamp designed by Junior and facts written by Sophie.

What else can you find out about The Queen?

This half term in science we are learning about… plants15-04-2016 | 14:53:44 | 1 Comment

This week in science we have been investigating the different parts of a plant and their job. plants 2 plants 3 plants 4 plants 5 plants

We remembered that the 4 main parts of a plant are the root, stem, leaves and flower.

Did you know that a flower is not just to look pretty, but also to attract insects? And that the roots suck up water and nutrients from the soil?


Message in a bottle15-04-2016 | 14:23:21 | 1 Comment

PTDC0343Today we had a message in a bottle from Mr Snorg, a sailor who is shipwrecked on an island. He described the island and we had a challenge to find out which island he might be shipwrecked on.

We had to choose from the Falkland Islands, the Shetland Islands, Greenland, Jamaica or Madagascar.

PTDC0335 PTDC0344 PTDC0340    PTDC0338islands 2islands

After much reasoning we decided that he must be in Jamaica because the island sounds very similar to the pictures that we investigated.

This term we will be learning about islands and trying to answer the question-

Are all islands the same?

2MC Writer of the week15-04-2016 | 12:05:12 | 3 Comments

The writer of the week in class 2MC this week is…

Lily Tweedie!


PTDC0354 PTDC0355

Lily wrote a fantastic adventure story in the style of Roderick Hunt. Can you spot the English targets she has used?

The Great Fire of London- By Year 206-04-2016 | 20:04:49 | 5 Comments


Last term our topic was the Great Fire of London. The children have chosen their own way of presenting their learning.


In English the children had the opportunity to write their own poems about the fire. 


Some children made news reports, eye witness reports and interviews. They wrote their own scripts and worked very hard to present the facts they have learned this term. We hope you enjoy the presentation!




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