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Oliver P, wPTDC0215ell done! Oliver’s write up of his waterproof materials experiment included Capital letters for names,  conjunctions and a preposition.

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Our writer of the week for last week is Oliver B!


 PTDC0292      PTDC0291

Oliver showed a really good understanding in the use of similes. He used this skill to describe the fire in his plan for a poem about the Great Fire of London.

Well done Oliver!


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 Today we imagined what it would be like to step into Tom Farrinor’s shoes and become bakers for the day!  We watched the dough rise and then shaped it into rolls.

PTDC0258 PTDC0265 PTDC0266

We talked about how the ingredients changed as we mixed the wet and dry ingredients and kneeded them into a stretchy, elastic dough. 


We left them to proove over lunch and then baked them in the oven.

PTDC0267 PTDC0271


PTDC0272 We learned that in 1666 only rich people could afford white bread and the poor people had to eat rye bread. We tasted some rye bread. Some of us like the malty taste!


PTDC0275 PTDC0278

We would like to set you a half term homework challenge- have a go at some home baking over half term and bring in a baking selfie for our new selfie wall! Dont forget to tell us what you made!

Mystery Guest- Firefighter visit!11-02-2016 | 15:46:45 | 1 Comment

This half term we had a visit from a firefighter. Before he came in we wrote some questions to ask him about what it is like to be a fire fighter and how firefighting has changed since The Great Fire of London in 1666. He talked to us about his job, what it is like to be a fire fighter and he explained some of the equipment that firefighters use. He even bought a fire truck so we could have a closer look at the equipment that they use.


He answered all of our questions and he even gave Miss Carruthers and Miss Wright a challenge to see if they could get into the firefighting kit in under 1 minute, like they have to do if there is a real fire! Did Miss Carruthers and Miss Wright get dressed in time?


We learned that firefighters don’t just put out fires. They help in lots of different types of emergencies. We also learned that a big part of their job is to teach people about fire safety in the home. We learned that every house should have a smoke alarm and you have to check that the battery is still working. He also told us that it is important to have an escape plan so that everyone knows what to do if they have a fire at home.

Do you have an esacape plan?

Do you have a smoke alarm in your house?

If not you can get in touch with Staffordshire Fire Brigade and they can give you more information on how to stay safe at home!    

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