Year 2 Trip To Selly Manor25-01-2016 | 17:28:31 | 3 Comments

      We couldn’t have picked a nicer day for it! We drove through frosty Birmingham, passing lots of signs for a certain chocolate factory, and finally arrived at Selly Manor.

It was much smaller than we expected but there was plenty to see and do inside.



PTDC0118   PTDC0119

First the tour guides explained what happened during the Great Fire of London. We found out what the houses were made out of and what it might have been like in 1666. It was very cold outside so it was easy to imagine what it would have been like with no central heating or electricity. We were lucky to have our thick modern coats to keep us warm inside the house!

Then we had a tour of the house and we learned what life might have been like for children in 1666. Some of us even had to do some chores!

PTDC0139  PTDC0155 PTDC0118 PTDC0162

We saw what materials were used for the cutlery. I wonder if any Y2 children can remember what materials these cups were made from?


We dressed up in Tudor style clothes and we even had chance to play some games. There weren’t any games consoles though, and most of the games were made from wood! I wonder if any Y2 children can explain why this was?

PTDC0096PTDC0183 PTDC0186  PTDC0081PTDC0125 PTDC01673PTDC0127  PTDC0181 PTDC0169 PTDC0173

Eventually it was time to get back on the coach and travel back to Werrington. We learned so much from our Selly Manor trip and would like to thank the tour guides for being so enthusiastic and teaching us so much!

We would also like to thank all of the parents and staff who helped out! It was a fantastic day!

Question time

What material was used to make this hat?


What materials were used to build the house?

What was the main problem with the materials used to build houses back in 1666?

What was the name of the King of England in 1666?

What did he do to stop the fire from spreading?

Science- Materials18-01-2016 | 16:39:06 | Comments Off on Science- Materials

 This half term we are learning all about materials. In our last lesson
we sorted materials into natural and man-made categories, we were
very surprised by some of the materials…we found out that sponge
can be natural!
natural vs man-made blog
natural vs man- made blog

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