Adding ‘nearly’ numbers24-11-2015 | 13:30:16 | Comments Off on Adding ‘nearly’ numbers

In Maths we have been learning to add ‘nearly’ numbers to two digit numbers.

A nearly number is a number that is 1 less than a multiple of ten. For example 9 is nearly 10.

We did this by adding the multiple of 10 and then taking 1 away.

Today we played popcorn maths. We had to choose 1 yellow popcorn and 1 blue popcorn and we added the numbers together.

PTDC0032 PTDC0028

Some children used the Numicon to help them add 10 to a 2 digit number. We found it tricky at first but we are getting the hang of it.


Most of us think we are getting better at adding ‘nearly’ numbers!

Anti Bullying Week 201518-11-2015 | 16:34:40 | Comments Off on Anti Bullying Week 2015

This week we have been focusing on anti-bullying in school.

Following Mrs Prince’s assembly on Tuesday we made posters to show what we should do if someone is being bullied. We talked about the effects of bullying and what we should do if we think we are being bullied.

We also talked about how we can avoid bullying by thinking of ways to be a kind friend.

PTDC0019 PTDC0018 PTDC0020

We learned that the most important thing to do is to TELL!

Green screening with Year 1- Seasons catwalk16-11-2015 | 21:24:58 | 1 Comment

What a way to start our new blog!

Today year 2 used the green screen to add a seasonal background while filming the Year 1 seasonal catwalk!

The year 1 children dressed up in clothes for different seasons while the year 2 children filmed their catwalk against either an autumn, winter, spring or summer background.

Both year groups really enjoyed the afternoon. Year 1 learned about the different seasons and Year 2 learned about how to frame and direct a shot.

Well done children!

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