World Book Day in Year 201-03-2018 | 13:53:40 | No Comments

Today Mrs Wright and Mrs Gerrard were replaced by our new teachers Giraffe and White Rabbit. Everyone arrived in disguise as a character from a story. Can you spot the characters and the books which they come from?




Amongst other things we talked about our favourite books and wrote a book review for our own personal favourite.

Godly Play with Rev Steve01-03-2018 | 13:24:17 | No Comments

 On Monday, Rev Steve came to visit Year 2 to tell us a story about Jonah. We talked about what God asked Jonah to do and why Jonah behaved like he did. After the story we shared a snack and a drink.


Winter Olympics week!16-02-2018 | 17:21:56 | No Comments

This week Year 2 have enjoyed watching several Winter Olympic sports and finding out about our chosen competing country – Australia. We enjoyed creating some of our own Aborigine inspired artwork. We hope that you are as impressed as we are!

Mystery Reader!09-02-2018 | 08:44:19 | No Comments

Yesterday Aurora’s Mummy came to school to read us a story. She read ‘Spinderella’ by Julia Donaldson which we really enjoyed listening to.

Super science : Where do we see plastic?09-02-2018 | 08:40:29 | No Comments

Year 2 have been exploring the many uses and properties of plastic. We found out that there are many different types of plastic which can make it suitable for many different purposes. We looked at a variety of plastic objects and sorted them according to their properties. We found out that plastic is found just about everywhere in modern living today.

Safer Internet Day07-02-2018 | 16:28:05 | No Comments

On Tuesday it was Safer Internet Day. We thought about how we would behave and treat our friends in everyday life and how the same should be true when we go online. We also thought about the way in which we are connected to other people in our lives such as through clubs, families, class groups etc . We learnt that people can be connected when they go online and that is why we must make sure that we follow the rules for using the internet safely with the supervision of our parents.

We used string to show how we are all connected. It was great fun!

Super Science : Which materials are waterproof?31-01-2018 | 16:57:11 | No Comments

Today Year 2 have been thinking about the features which a firefighter’s outfit should have. We decided that it should be flame and heat resistant and waterproof. We then investigated a number of materials to see which would be the most waterproof. We used cotton fabric, wax coat fabric, wax paper, foil and paper. We created a fair test to test our predictions. We dropped the same number of water drops onto each material and watched what happened. Some materials were more absorbent than others and some were waterproof. This photograph showed what happened. It was fascinating to watch how the water droplets formed one large drop on the surface of the waterproof materials.

Writer of the week!25-01-2018 | 16:20:42 | No Comments

George wrote a fantastic poem based around the theme of the Great Fire of London. He used some great descriptive vocabulary and even some similes which really made it is easy for the reader to imagine what it must have been like to experience the fire. Well done George!

R.E. : How do people pray?25-01-2018 | 16:13:29 | No Comments

Following our work last week about why and how Christians pray, we have been finding out about the way in which Muslims pray, and why. We were fascinated to find out what the differences and similarities were. We found out that Muslims use a prayer mat for their prayer time and that they must face the direction of a place special to them, called Mecca, when they do so. We used the special compass on one of the mats to find out which direction Mecca was in.

Science : What is made from?18-01-2018 | 17:02:46 | No Comments

This term we are thinking about different types of materials and their uses. This week we have been finding out about the difference between natural and man-made materials. We handled different objects and sorted them into groups depending on whether they were natural or man-made.

We also went outside to see if we could tell what everyday objects around our school are made from.

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