Year 2 Tudor Dance10-11-2017 | 14:37:50 | No Comments

Year 2 have worked really well over the past couple of weeks to choreograph and perform their own Tudor dances.


Mrs Wright and Miss Stokes were REALLY impressed with how well the children worked together in their groups.

The children enjoyed performing their fantastic dances for each other.

Fitness Friday20-10-2017 | 16:24:57 | No Comments

Year 2 loved coming to school in their fitness clothes to raise money for a school minibus.

The children enjoyed taking part in lots of ‘gonoodle’ dancing.

We have some great dancers! Well done Year 2 and thank you for you support!


Staying safe online20-10-2017 | 16:14:36 | No Comments

This week Year 2 have been learning about ways in which to stay safe whilst online.

We have made posters about what we have learnt and recorded details of our own digital footprints.


Stoke City 7’s20-10-2017 | 16:06:14 | No Comments

Year 2 enjoyed coming to school in their Stoke City t-shirts today as part of fitness Friday to raise money for a school minibus.

They were proud to wear their new tops and are excited about tomorrow’s football match!

Our Islands12-10-2017 | 13:06:51 | No Comments

Year 2 have had lots of fun getting very creative and messy this week.

The children have designed their own islands and have now begun the process of making them.


Year 2’s healthy eating morning!12-10-2017 | 12:49:43 | No Comments

First thing last Wednesday we planned how we were going to make our healthy sandwiches. We tried to make sure our sandwiches were balanced by choosing ingredients from different food groups. After break we used our plans to select our ingredients and make our sandwiches. We made our sandwiches and then we tasted the results!




Welcome to Year 2!15-09-2017 | 15:31:07 | No Comments

Well done everyone for settling into Year 2 so well. It has been a very busy couple of weeks with lots of new routines to learn as well as introducing our new topic ‘What makes Britain great?’

Thank you for sending in your photographs of your holidays. There is still time to send one in if you have not done so already. Well done as well, to all of those children who completed the Summer Reading Challenge at the library. It has been lovely to see your enthusiasm for reading.

So far in our topic we have been thinking about what we already know or would like to find out about Great Britain. We looked at lots of objects, pictures and photographs of aspects of British life and culture and recorded what we thought we already know or would like to find out about Great Britain.

We have also been finding out about what the term ‘Great Britain’ means and how this is different to the ‘British Isles’ or ‘United Kingdom’. We labelled maps with countries and capital cities in the United Kingdom.

Super science!

In our science lessons we have been learning about what animals, including humans need to survive. We have also designed our own healthy lunchboxes and next week we will be finding out different food groups and what is meant by a balanced diet.

Magical Music!

This week Mrs Bennett has been teaching us about reading notation. We have been learning about the notes A,G and C. We practised playing these notes in time to the accompaniment using the glockenspiels.

Glockenspiel ensemble06-04-2017 | 19:27:53 | No Comments

In our music lessons over the last few weeks we have been learning how to read notation, recognise a treble clef, bar lines and rest symbols. We also learnt how many counts there are to a crotchet and minim. By the end of term we were able to read a score to perform an accompaniment to a song we know well from our days in Year 1.


Mega mile!06-04-2017 | 19:17:47 | No Comments

On Monday we completed our Mega Mile challenge. It was a bright, sunny and cool day but we soon warmed up!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!31-03-2017 | 16:47:01 | No Comments

This week we have been learning about what happens to our rubbish. We learnt that lots of rubbish goes to landfill sites which are often smelly, ugly and damage our planet. We learnt all about REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. We collected lots of household  rubbish.


Next we sorted it to see what could be reused or recycled. We also thought about which items could be used over and over again.



Some items could be reused and others were sorted into groups for recycling.

By the time we had finished there was very little left from our enormous pile of rubbish that would need to go to landfill. We learnt that many items will take many years to rot away and some will still be there in hundreds of years to come.

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